Monday, October 20, 2014

AR Goal

Congratulations to the students who reached their AR Goals this nine weeks!! Mrs. Rioux's Homeroom had the most students reach their AR Goal so they have earned a Chips and Juice Party and extra recess time next week. New AR Goals are set for the second nine weeks. Students have from October 21st -December 19th to reach their second nine weeks goal.

Reached their 1st Nine Weeks AR Goal!
Mrs. Rioux's Homeroom

Mrs. Cofield's Homeroom

Congratulations, Readers!!!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Speech Information

Speech Information came home in Friday Folders this afternoon!

4-H/Tropicana Public Speaking Contest

It is time to get geared up for the Tropicana Public Speaking Contest (speech contest)!  Please take a minute to look through this packet.  You will find a timeline of important dates, a letter from 4-H about the contest, the official judging form (which will be used throughout the entire contest) and most importantly, 8 tips for writing a successful speech.  These tips are great, so please read them over carefully!   You may also want to visit for more information, sample comments from judges and other great speech information!

Speech Timeline:
·      October 10th-Information packet comes home
·      October 17th-Turn in your speech topic to your reading teacher for approval
·      October 24th – Turn in rough draft
·      October 31st – Turn in final draft
·      November 7th-Class Speech Contest!
·      November 14th-School-wide Speech Contest for all class winners!

Important: Make sure you are working on your speech at home from October 10th-November 7th!

*All children must participate in the class speech contest.  The speech will count towards the 2nd nine weeks language arts grade. We suggest 3x5 notecards to put your speech pointers on.  Remember to practice so that you are not reading off the cards!

Wild Adventures

Reserve Your Seat On The Bus!!!

When:  November 3rd-7th from 7:30am-8:20 am

Where:  Mrs. Rioux’s Room (600)

What:  $45 (cash or money orders only) to reserve a seat on the bus for 5th Grade’s End-Of-Year Trip to Wild Adventures

Who:  All 5th grade students and/or parents who wish to ride the bus to Wild Adventures on May 15th

Ticket prices and detailed information concerning trip details will be distributed after the Winter Holidays J

Challenger Science Day

The Challenger Center is back again on Friday to do more hands on activities! This afternoon Mrs. Rioux's class learned about energy and forces.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Challenger Science Day

The Challenger Learning Center visited for today to teach Mrs. Cofield's Class about electrical circuits!!!

Spelling Words

Test on Tuesday, October 14th

1. word
2. nerve
3. squirt
4, verse
5. surf
6. lurk
7. work
8. stern
9. spurts
10. lurch
11. blurt
12. thirst
13. spur
14. learning
15. shirt
16. midterm
17. return
18. squirm
19. swerve
20. yearns

Friday, September 26, 2014

Tuesday is Test Day in Reading!

Our next Reading Test will be Tuesday, September 30th. Make sure students are completing their homework daily, because it will practice the skills that will assessed on the test. We will also have a Spelling Test and Grammar Test on Tuesday. 

You can help practice our skills for each lesson by logging into your students' Wonders account and clicking on School to Home. This section of the website provides information and practice activities for the vocabulary strategy, comprehension skill, and spelling words we are currently working on in class. You can also click on Resources and see all the materials that are available to us here at school for the entire year. In this lesson, we are working on Sequence and on Greek Roots. You could type either of those into the search box and get quite a few resources to help practice those skills.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Spelling Words for 9/20-9/30 'r controlled vowel sounds'

Spelling Words
  1. heart
  2. swear
  3. aboard
  4. squares
  5. swore
  6. chart
  7. scorn
  8. starch
  9. source
  10. fare
  11. barge
  12. thorn
  13. marsh
  14. force
  15. harsh
  16. scarce
  17. course
  18. flare
  19. coarse
  20. sword

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wonders Writing Rubric

The students took their first Wonders assessment today and the results are in!  Check your child's Pinpoint account to see how they did on the multiple choice section.  I am working to grade the writing and scores will be entered soon.

This year, writing will be scored on a 4 point rubric scale.  Below is a copy of the rubric that will be used.  A score of 4 will equate to a 100%, a 3 will equate to an 80%, a 2 will equate to a 60%, etc.  We will be working on formulating complete responses this year.