Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We're off to a great start in January! We have taken one Reading Test so far and most students did VERY well. Don't forget that you can login to Pinpoint at any time to check your child's grades in all of their classes. The first Math Test of this 9 weeks will be next Monday, January 26th and our next Reading Test will be on Tuesday, January 27th. Students are also off to an excellent start for AR this 9 weeks. 1 student has already reached their AR goal and 28 of our 42 students already have 20% of their goal and on our track to reach their goal by the end of the 9 weeks. Keep up all your hard work!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Speech Winners!!

Congratulations to our class speech winners!

Mrs. Cofield's Class
Jordyn Nelson- 1st Place
Jaylon Johnson- 2nd Place
Keiron Major- 3rd Place

Mrs. Rioux's Class
Darell Williams- 1st Place
Delvin Glynn- 2nd Place
Amari Thompson- 3rd Place

Special Congratulations to our School Wide Speech Contest Winners! Jordyn Nelson won Honorable Mention and Darell Williams won Third Place!!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

FSU Field Trip Update

All money and permission slips for Tuesday's FSU Basketball Field Trip are due by tomorrow at noon. In addition, students need to have reached 35% of their AR Goal by tomorrow at noon in order to be eligible for the trip.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Upcoming FSU Field Trip!

We have a field trip coming up to see an FSU Women's Basketball game of November 18th! We are very excited to offer this opportunity to students. Permission slips will be coming home soon. Students must have reach 35% of their AR Goal by the Friday before the field trip, November 14th in order to attend. We are really encouraging students to read throughout the whole nine weeks and not to wait until the last week to really read for their AR Goal. Please make sure students are reading at least 30 minutes a night! Independent reading not only promotes creativity and cognitively complex thinking, but also builds students reading comprehension and stamina.

Mrs. Rioux

Saturday, November 1, 2014

AR Update

Congratulations to the following students who are on track to reach their AR Goal in the 2nd Nine Weeks. Students should be reading 30 minutes a night. Don't wait until the last week to get your reading in!

Jacob (Already reached 100% of his goal!!)

-Mrs. Rioux


Don't forget students will be presenting their speeches in class on Friday the November 7th! Speeches should be between 2 and 3 minutes. Students will be graded on their ability to present their speech to our class comfortably while making eye contact, using expression, and the length of their speech. Students can use notecards, or bring their written speech up with them, but should have most of their speech memorized so they don't need to read the whole thing. Make sure students are practicing their speeches and timing themselves so they can be comfortable and ready in class on Friday. :)

Wild Adventures payments due this week!

Reserve Your Seat On The Bus!!!

When:  November 3rd-7th from 7:30am-8:20 am

Where:  Mrs. Rioux’s Room (600)

What:  $45 (cash or money orders only) to reserve a seat on the bus for 5th Grade’s End-Of-Year Trip to Wild Adventures

Who:  All 5th grade students and/or parents who wish to ride the bus to Wild Adventures on May 15th

Ticket prices and detailed information concerning trip details will be distributed after the Winter Holidays! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

AR Goal

Congratulations to the students who reached their AR Goals this nine weeks!! Mrs. Rioux's Homeroom had the most students reach their AR Goal so they have earned a Chips and Juice Party and extra recess time next week. New AR Goals are set for the second nine weeks. Students have from October 21st -December 19th to reach their second nine weeks goal.

Reached their 1st Nine Weeks AR Goal!
Mrs. Rioux's Homeroom

Mrs. Cofield's Homeroom

Congratulations, Readers!!!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Speech Information

Speech Information came home in Friday Folders this afternoon!

4-H/Tropicana Public Speaking Contest

It is time to get geared up for the Tropicana Public Speaking Contest (speech contest)!  Please take a minute to look through this packet.  You will find a timeline of important dates, a letter from 4-H about the contest, the official judging form (which will be used throughout the entire contest) and most importantly, 8 tips for writing a successful speech.  These tips are great, so please read them over carefully!   You may also want to visit for more information, sample comments from judges and other great speech information!

Speech Timeline:
·      October 10th-Information packet comes home
·      October 17th-Turn in your speech topic to your reading teacher for approval
·      October 24th – Turn in rough draft
·      October 31st – Turn in final draft
·      November 7th-Class Speech Contest!
·      November 14th-School-wide Speech Contest for all class winners!

Important: Make sure you are working on your speech at home from October 10th-November 7th!

*All children must participate in the class speech contest.  The speech will count towards the 2nd nine weeks language arts grade. We suggest 3x5 notecards to put your speech pointers on.  Remember to practice so that you are not reading off the cards!

Wild Adventures

Reserve Your Seat On The Bus!!!

When:  November 3rd-7th from 7:30am-8:20 am

Where:  Mrs. Rioux’s Room (600)

What:  $45 (cash or money orders only) to reserve a seat on the bus for 5th Grade’s End-Of-Year Trip to Wild Adventures

Who:  All 5th grade students and/or parents who wish to ride the bus to Wild Adventures on May 15th

Ticket prices and detailed information concerning trip details will be distributed after the Winter Holidays J