Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Universal Information

*The 5th Grade T-shirts MUST be worn on the Universal trip.

*We suggest giving your child a baggie of quarters for locker rental at the park.  They will probably want to store their stuff (bags, lunch, dinner, etc.) while riding roller coasters. 

*It is ok for the children to wear board shorts (they must still meet the dress code length).

*Packing 1-2 small bags is recommended.  One bag of electronics, snacks, dinner, etc. can be left on the bus during the day.  The other bag with a lunch, water, change of clothes, towel etc. can be brought into the park.  This is why we suggest bringing quarters! 

*Bottled water is the ONLY beverage that may be consumed ON the bus.  Gatorade, etc. can be packed for consumption at the park, but it may not be opened while on the bus.

*Your child may purchase or bring from home lunch and dinner.  Please discuss your child's budget with them so they know what they can spend, etc.

*Our meeting spot for any type of emergency is the Confisco Grill at the Port of Entry.  Please quiz your kids on this information!  

*The students must arrive at Springwood at 4:30am and be picked up at 10:00pm.  We will not wait on any children who arrive late in the morning.

IMPORTANT:  If someone else (besides a parent or guardian) is going to pick your child up when we arrive back at school We MUST BE NOTIFIED IN WRITING BEFORE THURSDAY, MAY 1st.  We will not allow anyone to take your child home 
unless We have been notified.  Please see my next point...

***Per Leon County Schools policy, if you have not arrived at school 30 minutes after the bus has returned, we are required to call the Leon County Sheriffs Office to transport your child.  We are not allowed to transport students in our cars.  

If you have not already joined our Remind 101 text messaging group, WE STRONGLY encourage you to do so today! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Angles Song and Movement

Teach Me How To Solve It

FCAT Schedule 2014

FCAT starts on…April 21st. 

 5th grade schedule: 

Monday 4/21...Reading

Tuesday 4/22...Reading 
Wednesday 4/23...Science 
Thursday 4/23...Science 

Monday 4/28...Math (computer based test) 

Tuesday 4/29...Math (computer based test)

Reminder!!! We are all set to go to Universal Studios on Thursday, May 1st!!! 

All FCAT testing and any make-ups because of absences or tardies will have to complete before departure.